Worker safety

Rombit significantly increases the safety levels of industrial workers with its Romware wearable and safety platform.

Your challenge

All companies in the port ecosystem are confronted with significant safety risks on a daily basis. Lone worker accidents, collisions with vehicles, unauthorised operation of machines by under-trained staff, etc… Every year thousands of (fatal) accidents and millions of near-misses should be prevented through ample safety systems.

Our solution

Rombit’s safety platform compiles real-time data from various safety and security systems, and provides valuable safety insights within a comprehensive dashboard.

When extended with the wearable Romware ONE, you are able to create the safest work environment using the power of IIoT.

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Safety is a number one priority.

Connected worker

Unique plug-and-play worker safety solution: innovative wearable device with intuitive data analytics.

Worker safety

Tailored safety applications for collision warning, geofencing, certification, evacuation and lone worker.

Safety insights

Compile real-time safety data and valuable operational insights from near-misses, camera monitoring, certification and access control systems.

Emergency platform

Manage any calamity on your industrial site via one central platform: fire detection, environmental monitoring of wind and gas, evacuation and smart mustering stations.

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What our customers say

“The Romware Worker Wearable is an extremely useful tool on site. First of all, the active warning when entering an unauthorised or dangerous area can actively prevent serious accidents from happening. If only 1 accident can be avoided this way, the implementation of the tool is a must.

Furthermore, by bringing digitalisation to our site, the high precision location monitoring helped us to identify the areas where unsafe events occur and define focus areas. Given that all the information is digital, the generation of accurate dashboards and KPI’s, still a very cumbersome task in the H&S world, was facilitated.”

— Rob, Quality Manager, BESIX

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